Dear friends,

It is my great pleasure to welcome all the teams at the
Championships Balkan Region of ETU, held in
Bucharest on 28 November 2021.

Our regional partner, the Balkan Taekwondo Union is
host of this amazing event which welcomes more than
450 athletes from the Balkan Region to compete for
the medals! It is amazing that in these difficult
pandemic times our athletes and coaches remain
focused on training and preparing for our events.

I know how difficult all of you are experiencing these
times but I hope you all can find comfort and pleasure
in our sport, which at the end of the day unites us all. I
wish all the best to the athletes and may the best win!

Also, I want to express my sincere appreciation to the
organizer of the event, Mr. Constantin Apostol. Under
his dedicated leadership, this event will most certainly
be very successful! Much appreciation for his efforts as
well as of his whole team that is working to make this
an amazing event for all of you!


Sakis Pragalos