Dear TKd friends,

In order to promote the image of Taekwondo WT among young people and stimulate their participation in the competition activity, we specify: TO ENROLL IN THE GEN 24 COMPETITION IT IS NOT MANDATORY TO HOLD A GOAL / GAL LICENSE. It is welcome any practitioner who is an affiliate member of a sports club member of the federations affiliated to the continental organization WTE.

In order to ensure a free and economically efficient process, the organizer decided in accordance with the relaxation of the legislation to catch the effects of the SARS Cov19 pandemic in Romania the following:

Clubs wishing to participate in the GEN 24 competition can decide to stay and dine independently of the organizer’s initial offer.

Given this opportunity, however, to comply with the rules imposed by the SARS Cov19 pandemic, each athlete will perform a test in this regard every morning from 08:00 to 08:45. The equivalent value of the test is 20 Euros per person.

Attempting to avoid the test is an act of violation of the law and is subject to appropriate sanctions for this situation.

In case you want to participate, please make sure that you have scheduled and paid the value of this test.

Payment can also be made in cash at the entrance to the Competition Hall.

For any relations contact us by Email:


In order to create a climate of joy to participate for the young athletes, the organizers have prepared 2 hours of masked BAL party.

This moment is scheduled as follows: 03.06.2021 (Saturday), 18: 00-20: 00.

Athletes are invited to wear their own costumes and masks (preferably some specific to the traditional culture they come from).

For the most representative costumes and the best dancers (10 boys and 10 girls) there will be important prizes from the company DECHATLON ROMANIA and other special prizes from the organizer.